Soils Remediation Facility (SRF)

Park City has proposed using a piece of land at the Gordo site off 248 for a soils repository. The soil is generally meant to be from municipal projects, and from within the Soils District (although not exclusively), which contains contaminants from our mining era history. There is also some ability for small residential projects to use the proposed facility as well. It is proposed as a way to save cost of trucking the soil to facilities in Utah’s West desert and also to not export our soils issues to other communities. For more information please visit the City’s project website at

My Stand
Video clip below is my testimony from the public hearing that was held before City Council and the Mayor on July 15th, 2021 (video credit to Park City Municipal Corporation).

Essentially, I do not support moving forward as-is. We need to bifurcate the issue into its components. One is the 35,000CY of soil sitting there already, and the other is potential future use. We don’t really know the level of risk yet, but hope to shortly. Regardless of the level of risk once known, if the community is not supportive of the risks associated to the plan than we need to adjust. That is a prime piece of real estate in our land-scarce City, let’s address the soil sitting there and then move forward with other better uses.