Preserving our Community

Over 75% of homes in Park City are already non-primary residences.  Housing is in need now more than ever due to scarcity of land, rising construction costs, and an exploding real estate market.  Over approximately the past year, median single-family home prices in Park City have risen to around $2.7 million and median condo prices to around $1.1 million.  Our area’s median income for a family of four is $120,800, which assuming low debt, funds for a down payment, and excellent credit will qualify that family for a home that costs approximately $500k to $600k. There are very few rental options currently. Also, we invest heavily in public improvements around our resort and tourism focused areas.

My Stand
In order to preserve the magic of Park City that we all enjoy, we need to ensure that our essential workers, first responders, next generation, and other community members who keep the town running can live here. 

  • New housing needs to accommodate families and their needs rather than just a push to meet the City’s quantity goal of 800 units by 2026 (we are 5 years in and around 20% there), which is easiest to accomplish with multi-family buildings and not always the answer. 
  • We need to explore public/private partnerships, affordable rental units, new transportation routes, looking beyond the City core, accessory dwellings, and other creative solutions to meet the 800 unit goal and beyond.
  • It is important we focus on all of our neighborhoods for the benefit of locals, and balance our investments with tourism centric areas.
  • Developer buyout options on required affordable housing should be extremely difficult and expensive. We need the housing. Buyouts should only be approved in extreme cases and held to a very high burden of proof to comply with laws outside of our control as a City.

I support broad community outreach when planning the future and will use skills achieved from my time as a licensed real estate broker (no longer active) to drive housing results. We need realistic, achievable solutions.