Huge Projects

Park City is about to undertake many massive efforts, both City Hall initiated and privately developed, that will change our town forever.  Some examples include the Arts & Culture District (has a dedicated page), Park City Mountain Base Area, and Deer Valley Snow Park.

My Stand
We have one shot to get this right.  Some considerations as density increases include:

  • Water and power are finite resources.  As a professional in the utility industry, I have extensive experience quantifying impact, forecasting demand, and developing creative programs to minimize infrastructure impacts.  I will work with the appropriate City departments to put plans into action to avoid impacts to our quality of life.
  • Wildfire prevention deserves a strong focus in all aspects of development, and implementing programs to incentivize existing properties.  The consequences could be dire if we don’t give it proper attention. 
  • Preserving the charm and natural beauty of Park City, not compromising it for additional density.  I support controlling excessive building heights, not obstructing ridgelines, and maintaining our night sky (which can be impacted by building design as much as exterior lighting).
  • Managing the number of concurrent projects to maintain our quality of life.  For example, we cannot overly burden our infrastructure, jam the streets, or create excessive noise. 
  • Proactive notification to residents when project work impacts them in any regard.  I have implemented many programs to accomplish this, and will bring that experience to drive a solution that makes sense for us.