Emergency Management

Park City has recently implemented a comprehensive Community Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) and with it a Community Wildfire Preparedness Plan (CWPP). While there is always the possibility of any emergency, wildfires are a huge risk due to our drought conditions. Some interesting information:

  • Fire can move at over 70mph, not much time to get out of its way
  • There is a proven correlation between drought conditions and wildfires at altitudes above 6,000 feet
  • Park City has created a Fire Fuels Committee and a Forestry Advisory Board, both are still in the forming stage and will allow for community involvement
  • A full scale emergency response exercise is being planned for Spring 2022

My Stand
Emergency preparedness and wildfire prevention are a huge deal, and I’m very glad to see the City taking on these topics. I support the CEMP and CWPP; including the items below:

  • I fully support a proactive approach to emergency preparedness and emergency prevention, including wildfire risk mitigation.
  • To be successful, we need to remain good partners with neighboring jurisdictions, our resorts, and HOAs. To date this has been a very productive working relationship.
  • I look forward to the opportunity to get involved with the new committee and board being formed.
  • Use of an Amber Alerts type system to broadcast emergency conditions.
  • The City should modify our codes to allow for low water and native landscaping that is fire-wise approved, even taking it a step further to incentivize such behavior. This is planned for consideration in the above committee and board.
  • We should aggressively explore expanding the Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) to include local residents in the case of a major event where first responders can’t get into Park City due to traffic issues.
  • The economic and social impact of a wildfire (or any emergency) that isn’t handled well would be devastating to our local businesses.
  • This is a topic area that I’m very supportive in spending to make sure we are the most prepared we can be.