be kind. be local. be Park City.

be kind.
One reason many of us call Park City home is our unique culture. We rally together as a community, respect our differences, show compassion to one another, and have each other’s back.  People choose to be in Park City and work hard to stay.  Kindness is ingrained in our culture. At the same time, we cannot hide behind the concept.  We should continue to be kind to one another while at the same time maintaining accountability and asking tough questions. In fact, it is kindness and mutual respect that allows those productive conversations and healthy debates to occur for the benefit of our community.

be local.
We need to be present in our community, participate as much as we can, promote our events, do our part to maintain nature, and generally take an interest in local affairs.  Additionally, we should support local businesses and the great non-profits we have around town.  Ensuring commercial areas don’t turn into strip malls full of ghost owner chain stores, supporting the arts, and promoting cultural diversity will keep our community vibrant.

be Park City.
Many slogans from various organizations have alluded to this same point, as it is an important one.  Parkites have a strong sense of pride.  We care, which is why addressing today’s issues and planning for tomorrow are so critically important.  Appropriately, we have an expectation of transparency from our government and expect our voices are not only heard but also acted upon.  Balancing Park City as our home with our tourism driven economy can be challenging.  It feels like we lose focus on ourselves as locals at times, which should never be the case.